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Unlock the full potential of your
business with realtime monitoring

Real-time monitoring and analytics. Improve performance and reach your business potential.

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Get Started by tracking
your most important events

Easily integrate and monitor key app events. Stay informed with
real-time updates on user signups, purchases, and interactions.

Get immediate and actionable
product insights

Turn and transform events into actionable insights without the need
for any setup. Gain immediate visibility into your product's
performance and make informed decisions with ease.

Perfectly Suited for measuring
and Users

The most comprehensive product analytics tool that measures how your users engage with your product, and also
uncovers the deeper insights and trends at the company and organizational levels.

Integrates with multiple

Connect your data source to seamlessly visualize and analyze metrics. Begin sending your data and seamlessly integrate with the products your team is already using.


Track Key Metrics and
Key Performance Indicators

Effortlessly monitor and analyze key metrics and KPI insights to drive
informed decisions and enhance business performance with precision

Available on desktop, mobile,
browser, even your smart fridge

Access your events and metrics from any device, ensuring you can
keep tabs on your businesses from anywhere.